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Free Marketing Audits for Hotels

We’re confident we can boost your reservations

So confident, that we’ll give you a Free Marketing Audit, and discuss where we see we can help.

No marketing ploy here, we’ll give you a Free marketing audit once you fill out the form on this page. We won’t add you to some automated email list or call you 100 times hoping to get your business.

We know you’re going to love the expertise we have to share, and if you still don’t feel like using our services, no worries! Use our information to improve what you do or pass it off as your idea to impress your boss. All good here my friend.

Quick disclaimer about the information we collect:

We’re asking for a lot of information about your business, we know. This isn’t some trick to sell your information or some other nefarious trick. We only use this information to assist us in providing the most accurate picture of your marketing strategy, what’s working, and what could be improved. The more details you offer, the more information we can send back to you, so send as much or as little as you want.

All data collected here is retained long enough to send your audit to you, and then deleted within 30 days. But you can always request it to be deleted sooner than that by shooting us an email at hello@reservationboost.com

*Phew, glad that’s over, our lawyer is much happier now, thanks!*